We offer the following services for dance classes and productions in any style, be it ballet, jazz, contemporary or anything else besides!
  • Original composition for new dance productions: All styles can be catered to, and any genre of music can be requested. Previous work we have completed includes a fifteen minute composition for the European Gymnastics Championships, involving nearly 300 contemporary dancers.
  • CDs of music to accompany your dance classes: We sell a number of CDs for class, incorporating a fantastic variety of tempos and musical styles. Each track has a suggested list of exercises it would be suited to, and tracks are arranged on the CD in the same order that exercises are given in class. We have different CDs for different styles of dance, and everything is recorded to the very highest quality. For more information, see the section opposite.
  • Editing of recorded music for performance: We can edit recorded music for your individual purposes, performing such tasks as editing, tempo changes, restoration and more. Please contact us for more information.