We have a well equipped studio designed to cope with the wide variety of requirements our clients' projects demand. Our extensive collection of virtual instruments and synths mean we can create music in any genre you want. Orchestral, rock, dance, techno, ambient, vocals, piano, folk...we can provide all these styles and more - the only limit is your imagination! The following is an abridged inventory of our equipment;

>> State of the art quad core PC based digital audio workstation.
>> Top end Tannoy studio nearfield monitors for crystal clear monitoring and playback.
>> Fully weighted hammer action 88 note digital piano for expressive performances of keyboard instruments.
>> Large diaphragm condenser mics for pristine recordings of vocal and acoustic performances.
>> Cubase 5 audio and midi sequencer - industry standard software with excellent audio to video capabilities.
>> Broad selection of the very best synths, virtual instruments and sample libraries, including East West's famous Symphonic Orchestra, Ministry of Rock and Voices of Passion libraries and Reason 4.
>> 20 Mb/s internet connection for fast uploads and downloads of client material.
>> Large quantity of online storage space on our own server, to provide clients with password protected direct download links to their finished music, as well as email attachments.